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Writing wrappers for Basic class

So, it’s been already a week! The coding period (for me) has started. I am starting early to make up for my absence for a few days.

I had already setup a minimal gem and automated building of extensions. I read the docs for c wrappers that have already been written in cwrapper.h. It mostly contains the c wrappers for Basic class and a few of Integer and Rational classes. At one time I was confident that I could write all the wrappers for Basic class at one go. How hard could it be? The thing I learnt is you can never be sure of anything, unless you implement it. I had to keep a copy of the documentation for writing extensions README.EXT open at all times, double checking everything. Still, I got confused.

Ondrej has advised me to make only a single function work first. That would be a better way, because once we figure out what to do. It’s pretty much the same for the others too. I hope it does. Then I can iteratively add other methods one by one.

I pushed the commits to the PR ‘[WIP] Ruby wrappers initial file structure and Basic class #414’. The plan for the next week is to atleast finish this, write the tests in RSpec, and document them. Also if possible, start working on the other classes.

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