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Documentation and Clean up

Hey folks! Today my GSoC period has officially ended. It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The level of exposure that you get with Google Summer of Code is unmatched. The things I learnt, will always be with me. The people I met will never cease to inspire me. This is the best thing a sophomore can do in his/her summers.

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Summary of GSoC-2015

A symbolic manipulation library is indispensable for scientists and students. Ruby is gaining huge popularity over the years, and a symbolic manipulation library gem like this project in Ruby might prove to be the foundation for a computer algebra system in Ruby. With many efforts like these, Ruby might become the first choice for academicians given how easy it is to code your logic in Ruby.

The motivation for SymEngine itself was to develop it once and then extend it to other languages rather than doing the same thing all over again for a language that it is required in.

I have developed a few notebooks that demonstrate the use of the new SymEngine module in ruby. In the rest of the post, I would like to summarise what I did in the summer as part of Google Summer of Code 2015.

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Supporting substitutions

Hello All! I can say this week was quite productive. Ondrej, my mentor, had suggested me to make a new timeline for the rest of the time, and now I know how useful that turned out to be!

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Wrapping up the Integer and Rational PR

Hey folks! Sorry for the delay. This week on 6th, I got free from the internship selections. Good News is that I got selected at Intuit for Summer 2016! Anyways I did wrap up the PR#487

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Arithmetic Test Cases

Hey there! This week I implemented the suggestions given after the first round of review for PR#487 and I tried to port the test cases in test_arit.py to arit_spec.rb. It was worth it! The unit tests that I had written for the individual classes were not enough and didn’t cover every situation where an error might occur.

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