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Documentation and Clean up

Hey folks! Today my GSoC period has officially ended. It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The level of exposure that you get with Google Summer of Code is unmatched. The things I learnt, will always be with me. The people I met will never cease to inspire me. This is the best thing a sophomore can do in his/her summers. I could go on and on about this, and it will never be enough. I would suggest you to have a shot at it. Even if you don’t get it, you get to learn a lot in the process.


I have prepared some nice Beginner Contributor Guides both for C Wrappers and Ruby Wrappers. If you were wondering where to look to begin contributingto SymEngine, these are the ones you need.

Though I have pushed the symengine gem to RubyGems.org, the version available there still doesn’t work. I will have to add a few more scripts before it works.

I have also sent PR to sciruby-notebooks to include the SymEngine notebooks.

And I did send the post for SciRuby.com. I am glad John and Ondrej took time to read it again and again, and refined it. After a few days, my post will be up there at SciRuby.com! =D


I fixed a TODO in the cwrapper tests and replaced all the heap allocated temporary instances of basic_struct by stack allocated instances in the source files for Ruby wrappers.

Next Week

I will miss writing this part of the post :). I am indeed going to continue contributing to SymEngine! Not only the Ruby Wrappers but also the core SymEngine. I am eager to write a LaTeX printer (a function that outputs the string representation of objects in TeX format). Anyone interested can join me. Imagine the ruby wrappers giving a beautiful, well formatted output in the IRuby notebooks, the kind that you see in textbooks, made possible because of a function that you wrote!! If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.


  • Initial commit & class hierarchy, trig functions
  • [GSoC-2015] Post summarising work on symengine gem
  • Added more information about symengine
  • Added notebooks for symengine
  • Prepared the Beginner Contributor Guide - C Wrappers
  • Prepared the Beginner Contributor Guide - Ruby Wrappers
  • Uncommented basic_eq in the TODO
  • basic on stack wherever possible in ruby_basic.c
  • basic on stack wherever possible in ext/*.c

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