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Google Summer of Code 2015


Hi there! Yeah, you guessed it. I got selected into Google Summer of Code 2015! I am very excited for the summers. The results have been out and My project Ruby Bindings for SymEngine C++ symbolic manipulation library has been selected. I was selected by The Ruby Science Foundation but luckily I get to work with both SciRuby and SymPy! Isn’t that exciting?

My mentor is Mr. Ondřej Čertík himslef, who is the founder of SymPy and I am lucky to be mentored by him. I would like to thank him and the Ruby Science Foundation and all the folks there to give me such an opportunity. John Woods and Carlos Agarie helped me a lot during the application period. I would also like to thank Harsh Gupta and Shivam Vats for introducing me to the community.

The Project

Ruby Bindings for SymEngine a symbolic manipulation library in C++
My project is to write the Ruby extensions for the C++ SymEngine library that provides functions for symbolic manipulation. This would also involve making the interface more rubyish than C++.

This project will set up a strong foundation for any symbolic manipulation library or “SymRuby” for that matter, to be built for Ruby in the future. SymEngine is fast and is very apt to start the work with. I have also come across GlucSym, which is an unpublished Ruby-to-GiNaC bridge from 2008.

But this interface(my project) might be the impulse the Ruby community needed to have a fully functional symbolic manipulation library. After all Ruby is a Very High Level Language! It will soon be needing such libraries. For me, I would be glad if someone uses the library for her/his project!

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