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Class Coercion in Ruby C extensions

Hola Everyone! Our classes started this week, and there was less time during the week than I had expected. Anyways, I am at the completion of the Ruby wrappers for the Integer and Rational classes.

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Common Enumeration in C and C++

Welcome back! Well, I did get most of my pending PRs merged last week, but I won’t go as far to say that I was at my full efficiency. I indeed got entangled in some work and it got me distracted. Good news is Symbol is now officially supported in SymEngine ruby bindings and can be played with from the latest master

In this post, I would like to concentrate more on a hack that we used to use enums in both C and C++,

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Integer and Rational classes

Hola! The refactoring of the C Interface has been done, and I did figure out how to test the Ruby bindings with the help of Valgrind and without the rake-tester gem.

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Improving the C Interface

Hello! I am halfway through my project. I can’t say that I achieved what I aimed to, but all the things that pushed this further weren’t delays, they needed to be done. The few things that were delays taught me a lot. They were worth the effort to lay a strong foundation. It has been an amazing learning experience, and makes me even more excited for what’s to come.

Anyways, I will summarize what I did this week.

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The Symbol Class

Hi everyone! The midterm evaluations for GSoC-2015 have arrived. These will last for about a week, in which we will be evaluated on the basis of our performance.

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